Integration of Climate Information into JEEViKA for Climate Resilient

February 1, 2015 -

JEEViKA-IRAP is a collaborative project between the Bihar Rural Livelihood Promotion Society (BRLPS)–an initiative of the Government of Bihar for poverty alleviation–and IRAP. The goal of the project is to study the usefulness of integrating climate forecast information into JEEViKA, the rural livelihood program of the BRLPS, for climate resilient livelihood. In doing so, the project will pioneer the evaluation of the impacts of integrating climate information into a livelihood program. If successful, the project may serve as a template for effective designs of climate resilient rural livelihood programs in many other parts of the world, beyond generating scientific evidence on the values of demand-driven climate information services.

This project will include a baseline and vulnerability assessment based on the household surveys of ~7000 people across 264 Villages in the state of Bihar, the development and introduction of new climate information, and the subsequent impacts evaluation using a randomize control trial methodology.

IRAP Members

Nachiketa Acharya; James Buizer; Lisa Goddard; Zack Guido; Siddharth Kisore; Ashutosh Kumar; Tauhidur Rahman; Andy Robertson

Project Partners