Title Start End Team Regions
Advancing Social Science Reseach and Application in the Caribbean: A Case-Example with the Caribbean Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology May 1, 2014 James Buizer, Andrea Gerlak, Christina Greene, Zack Guido Caribbean
Improving the Jamaican Coffee Sector’s Resilience to Coffee Leaf Rust and Climate October 1, 2014 Teddy Allen; Ashley Curtis; Tim Finan; Zack Guido; Malgosia Madajewicz; Simon Mason; Valerie Rountree; Cathy Vaughan Caribbean
Enhancing Institutional Networks for Regional Resilience in Bangladesh July 1, 2015 Saleh Ahmed; Tim Finan; Simon Mason Bangladesh
Integration of Climate Information into JEEViKA for Climate Resilient February 1, 2015 Nachiketa Acharya; James Buizer; Lisa Goddard; Zack Guido; Siddharth Kisore; Ashutosh Kumar; Tauhidur Rahman; Andy Robertson India
Economic Impact of Climate Information Service in Jamaica June 1, 2016 February 1, 2016 Tauhidur Rahman; James Buizer; Zack Guido Caribbean
Connecting Climate Information Producers and Users in the Caribbean May 1, 2014 Andrea Gerlak, Christina Greene, Zack Guido, Diana Liverman, Valerie Rountree Caribbean
Disaster Index Project June 1, 2014 Dan Osgood Caribbean
Data Library Maprooms Benno Blumenthal; John delCorral; Remi Cousin; Igor Khomyakov; Audrey Vadillo Bangladesh,Caribbean,India