IRAP Newsletter December 2016

  • Hannah N. and Teddy A. participated in a pre-event training for the Caribbean Climate Outlook Forum (CariCOF), organized by the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH). On December 2nd, Hannah conducted a remote training session on heat wave early warning systems and development of a heat action plan in the Caribbean. Teddy assisted organizers with various training sessions November 30-December 2. Other attendees were representatives from the Caribbean national meteorological services and CIMH.
  • Elisabeth G. attended the main CariCOF meeting December 5-6, in St. George’s, Grenada. Gawthrop covered the event for CIMH and  interviewed partners regarding the coffee leaf rust (CLR) project in Jamaica.
  • Zack G. delivered a presentation at the Winter 2016 CariCOF on December 7, entitled: “Climate Services and the Role of Social Sciences,” drawing from work from Diana L., Andrea G. and Christina G.
  • At December 2016 CariCOF, Zack G. and CIMH collaborators conducted discussions sessions and participatory activities with 2 met service groups (their main focus) and 4 sectoral stakeholder groups. Andrea G. and Christina G. made vital contributions to the protocols for the discussion session for the met groups in the run-up to the meeting. The activity with the stakeholders allows for better understanding of relevant information that would go into sector specific climate bulletins produced by CIMH. The activity with the met groups was designed to understand the gaps that exist in the capacity of the met services to implement climate services. This insight information will help prioritize strategic investment in enacting the GFCS framework, and will be part of our analysis for the manuscript: “Built for Purpose? The Capacity of Caribbean Climate Service Providers to Implement the GFCS” (tentative title).
  • Zack G. attended project meetings at the December 2016 CariCOF (with CIB, IICA, and JMS) to further the CLR project plan. The CLR team is in the process of iterating on an appropriate curriculum for the trainings.
  • The CLR team is planning to present initial results from the quantitative household survey to Jamaica coffee stakeholders early next year.
Team News
  • Members of CIMH are visiting the University of Arizona IRAP team in January 2017 (week of the 16th) to continue collaboration in social science and work on reporting results.
  • Starting in January 2017, Hannah N. will be providing consulting work for the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) for research on heat wave occurrence in the Caribbean and to help in the development of heat forecast products. 

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