IRAP Newsletter August 2016


  • Coffee Leaf Rust household survey interviews have been completed with 420 households (out of a random sample of 522) in 19 communities in the Blue Mountains. The team actually went to 671 households in 22 communities that were identified as coffee growing areas based on available information, but found that there were few coffee farmers in 3 of those communities. The team has begun to analyze the data.
  • CIMH is currently in the demonstration phase to achieve WMO Regional Climate Centre Status. Formal designation is expected in November 2016.


  • Saleh Ahmed presented his field visit summary in a meeting with USAID-Bangladesh, International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), Bangladesh Institute of Planners, and Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE)’s Agriculture Information Service, World Fish-Bangladesh.


  • The UA team hosted CIMH delegation at UA in Tucson, Arizona in June 2016.
  • The IRI team hosted a delegation of visitors: Cedric van Meerbeeck (CIMH), Shem Willie (St. Lucia Met Service), Dale Dustin (Antigua and Barbuda Met Services), and Wazita Scott (CIMH) during the month of June 2016. The delegation worked with Hannah Nissan, Teddy Allen, and Simon Mason on a number of topics: initial design and development of seasonal and heat waves forecasting system for the Caribbean, development of a seasonal dry spell frequency forecasting system for the Caribbean, research on drought alerting in the Caribbean using CPT. Visitors from CIMH also worked on initial write-up of a paper on new features of CPT with case studies from the Caribbean.

Team News

  • Two student summer interns from Columbia’s Climate and Society MA program have been working on analyzing heat waves over India, and monsoon onset and sub-seasonal variations in rainfall over Bihar, and examining their sub-seasonal predictability in climate models. They are working with Andrew Robertson, as well as with Hannah Nissan for the heat waves topic.
  • Dr Nachiketa Acharya (City University of New York), new IRAP post-doc starting at IRI on Sept 6 to work on the Jeevika project, visited IRI on July 12. He met with Andrew Robertson and discussed workplanning for climate product development, to be in done partnership with the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) and Indian Institute for Tropical Meteorology (IITM). He will be visiting IRI again for further project discussions on Aug 1, during Tauhid Rahman’s visit.