IRAP Newsletter April 2017

  • IRAP and University of West Indies (UWI) has agreed on the scope of work for the community level workshops that will begin this summer. This creates stronger institutional ties with UWI that began with Kevon Rhiney three years ago
  • From 19-20 April, IRAP hosted a 2-day community facilitator workshop in Spanish Town, Jamaica with 42 participants, including the organizing team. Participants were enthusiastic and are excited about the follow up workshops at their communities. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce tailored climate information to select members of the Blue Mountain coffee farmer community. Members were selected based on their leadership roles and their ability to successfully interact and communicate with their respective community. IICA, CIB, UWI, and ACDI/VOCA also played key roles in the workshop and contributed information related to managing coffee leaf rust specific to their organization.
  • CLR team has planned their first round of community-level workshops for Jun 1-17 2017. They are developing workshop training materials and solidifying routine communication modes so that information will reach farmers. This includes developing a bulletin for extension officers and a text messaging service that directly reaches the end user. They are in the process of developing a manuscript that describes our approach as well as an evaluation of our activities. They also have a Monitoring & Evaluation plan for these workshops.
  • Team continues to develop vulnerability assessment.
  • A complete set of data from the household and village-level surveys in Bihar was received in late April. The team is reviewing it for completeness, and if satisfied will authorize payment of the final installment to the company.
  • Continuing exploration of additional potential projects for IRAP in India: a) Heat Health Service with World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and b) connecting with ongoing Regional Integrated Multi-hazard Early Warning Systems for Africa and Asia (RIMES) projects.
  • IRI team is working to finalize the curriculum for upcoming climate literacy training for climate resource person in Bihar, India. IRI DL team also prepared a specific map room for this train materials
  • IRAP is co-authoring a report on heat-related mortality in Bangladesh for the Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre. The report is being used to develop a series of outreach activities about heat-health by BBC Media Action in Dhaka, including a video in Bangla (, a series of live Q&As and another video coming shortly by a popular “Youtuber” in Bangladesh.
Team News
  • Team members will spend April 26 – May 17 working with UA members of the IRAP team in Tucson, Arizona. Members of IRAP team are working on a paper about the evaluation of RCOFs, regularly meeting with Simon to take advantage of his time here. The paper builds off the manuscript we recently submitted to Climate, Weather, and Society that focused on the CariCOF.
  • IRAP is finalizing plans for the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) mid-term review.
  • Recent publication: Vigaud, N. and Robertson, A.W. (2017), Convection regimes and tropical-midlatitude interactions over the Intra-American Seas from May to November. Int. J. Climatol. doi:10.1002/joc.5051